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We specialize in meditation of job positions in the industry, particularly in production and distribution companies.




Providing counselling and meditation services for our clients is one of the key pillars of the company RAPASOL CZ. Our aim is to deal with every client individually for several reasons. One is our extensive experience from the field of sales and purchases where the individual approach is directly proportional with the company success. Next the most important reason is the diversity of our individual clients, among whom there is a noticeable difference in production process, human resources management, company’s general ideology and of course differences in visions and goals. The policy of our company dwells in optimization and creation of stuff counselling services customized for given entrepreneurial body.

Our clear strategy is to provide services that will make human resources management safer and more efficient, both small and the biggest clients on the Czech and European market. We fully realize that the job market is a swiftly changing and developing field of the Czech and European economy and thus our effort is to monitor local and foremost global trends in the development in the given countries. Acquired analytical results from our surveys we properly edit and apply to our marketed individual services, by which our clients get acquainted with these results. Our clients are mainly production and distribution companies that act on the markets in the European Union and beyond. The concept of our services can satisfy needs of the most demanding clients.



Counselling service for the Employee

Stuff counselling and informational activity is designated for job seekers and is focused on active search of adequate job opportunity for physical bodies that actively look for their place on the job market.

Counselling service for the Employer

In the field of stuff counselling services designated for the employers we deal with search of highly qualified employees for our corporate clients.

Agency employment

The service of agency employment is specialized in mediation of employees into needed industrial fields, namely into production and manufacturing industry (i.e. automotive, mechanical engineering, plastics production, food industry, constructions and electrotechnical industry).

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Why us?

Perfect knowledge of the environment

Operation of the company on the markets of the central and west Europe is potentiated especially by an excellent knowledge of the relevant markets, customer’s needs and requirements of the business partners. The company RAPASOL CZ is prepared to further develop its operation on these markets and bring new knowledge and experience from the foreign markets to the domestic one.

An experienced team of professionals

The company has at its disposal a longtime proven company policy, of which the aim is a long-term cooperation and customers’ maximum satisfaction to achieve this aim the important condition is inner stability and experience of the individual members of the division teams, because it is them who have many years of experience and are the backbone and preconcept for a long term cooperation and high quality product portfolio.

Quality and reliability

Our services and product portfolio are chosen meticulously and emphasis on best quality and reliability of given solution. A part of our strategy is searching and analyzing new trends, products and services related directly or indirectly with the field of our work with the main aim to provide the best quality support of your business and stable and long-term growth.